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I want to own a part of you.
It turns me on.
I want to own the part of you that appears when you wear my mask and and see yourself for the first time since I have turned you into my creature.
The part of you that yearns for me when I stand behind you in silence.
The part of you that shows up when we laugh together and nothing else matters for that moment.

Be my counterpart. Be my toy.
Be my maid. Be my servant.
Be my object. Be my dog.
Be my latex doll. Be my pupil.
Be my pain slut.
Be whoever you want to be.
Be who you are.

If you are curious I will tell you all about erotic hypnosis- and maybe not just tell you about it…


Dominance is inextricably connected to ethics which are not based on rigid rules but on personal integrity and willingness to learn and pass on knowledge.

The same is true for submission...

Novices in the amazing world of BDSM will find I am an empathetic and respectful mentor and companion

on the path to evil fetish, perverse lasciviousness and bloodcurdling satisfaction.

Folks of all genders and bodies, with and without disabilities, driven by lust or by pain, are most welcome.

Tribute per hour depends on material, location, nature

of our encounter and prep time.

Usually it is between 250-300 Euro.

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